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Gains Enhancement Tabs

Gains Enhancement Tabs

Male EnhancementGains Sexual Enhancement Troches

Thanks to the Gains Enhancement Quick Tabs your love life will never be the same!   Our fast dissolving Quick Tabs  will help you  rev-up your sex-life by increasing your:

  • Sex drive
  • Erection quality
  • Stamina
  • Overall performance

What are Gains Enhancement Tabs?

These tabs are compounded sexual enhancement medications intended to improve performance. Dr. Gaines created 2 different types of Quick Tabs that work together to stimulate the pleasure sensors, improve response time, and provide a more intimate feel.

Enhancement Tabs

Enduro Tabs

(the blue tabs) are intended for daily use, and contain a proprietary blend of Tadalifil and Apomorphine to increase erection response and stimulate the production of dopamine (your “feel good” chemical).

Turbo Tabs

(the red ones) are fast acting. They contain Avanafil, which will provide a quick energy boost if taken  15-30 minutes prior to having sex.


Tabs vs. Traditional ED Medication

troche blue

 More often than not, men find themselves “let down” by Viagra and other oral ED medications. As a result, Dr. Gaines  created the Enhancement Quick Tabs by combining the common ED drugs, with other ingredients that make them:

  • Faster acting, since they dissolve under the tongue
  • More effective, because they bypass the digestive system
  • Deliver an enhanced sexual experience due to the greater stimulation provided
  • A fraction of the cost compared to traditional ED medications

Take the first steps to improved sexual satisfaction by contacting a wellness adviser. They will help answer any questions you may have, or you can learn more by downloading Dr. Richard Gaines’ guide to renewed vitality.

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